How Sneha Vacchaney from Bengaluru created a portal the place cooks ship wholesome meals to Entrance-Edexlive totally free

In a city like Bengaluru, it is difficult for people to find homemade food – especially COVID patients, doctors, and crematorium workers who are trying to eat healthy foods and maintain their immunity. To help out, people like Sneha Vachhaney have come up to help many such frontline workers in the IT city by offering them home cooked food.

Sneha explains how it all started: “In the last week of April, I posted a post on Instagram about preparing meals for COVID patients, doctors and frontline workers in and around Bellandur. Lots of people reached out to me and I catered for her with a grocery package that contained healthy and immunity-boosting foods. Soon the number of people I had to care for exceeded my expectations. Although my friends were helping with finances and groceries, I had to stop cooking groceries for the last week. “

The place where Sneha lived is now a safety zone. Therefore, delivery boys or outsiders were not allowed to enter their home. “The person who lived across from my apartment runs a restaurant called Idlis Unlimited. The owner, his wife, and the chef at their restaurant have teamed up with us to provide meals for the frontline staff has done my part of the job and cooks over 150 meals a day. “

If you think that Sneha is now free and has less work to do, then you are very wrong. In April, she and her friend Nitin Pandey created a website called, where they can offer homemade meals in various locations in Bengaluru. “I wrote again that we need chefs who are interested in volunteering, cooking food and delivering it. Lots of people have signed up through the website we created. Anyone can be part of our meal-making initiative All they have to do is fill out the form on my website and we will go through the details, call them and let them know about hygiene and the food they need to prepare, “says Sneha, who was previously with the trip start- Company Make My Trip has worked together.

With Sneha’s initiative, people living in Bengaluru, Chennai, Mysuru and Delhi can currently enjoy these homemade foods. How is nutritious homemade food ordered? Go to, select the district or city, select the area or town you live in, and a list of contact numbers from five to six people will appear here. While some of these options include breakfast, lunch, and dinner, some only offer lunch and dinner. Sneha tells us: “A lot of people have ordered food for their parents from abroad. Recently a woman from Singapore, whose parents live alone in Bengaluru, thanked me on Instagram for starting this initiative. In the past few weeks I have received messages I think , these thank you messages keep us going, “she concludes.

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