Home by City Splash promotes wholesome dwelling within the Inholm district

Dezeen campaign: House by Urban Splash aims to reinvent the suburbs with a Cambridgeshire neighborhood designed for healthy living.

Inholm is eight miles outside of Cambridge and will be part of Northstowe, one of 10 new urban areas being created under the NHS Healthy New Towns program.

It will include 43 houses developed by House by Urban Splash – the residential arm of Manchester-based property developer Urban Splash.

House by Urban Splash is creating a new neighborhood in Inholm, which is part of the new town of Northstowe. is

The architecture firm Proctor and Matthews, who designed the quarter as a master planner, sees the project as a “radical rethinking”. Inholm will not only offer a healthy home, but will also include streetscapes that promote well-being, biodiversity and community spirit.

“For too long, the spaces between houses have been devoted to housing cars, not people,” said Studio Co-Founder and Director Stephen Proctor.

“In Inholm, Northstowe, our new blueprint for healthy living includes social streets, green fingers connecting spaces, pocket parks, bike sheds in every garden and edible fruit on trees around every corner.”

Town House show kitchen at Inholm by House by Urban SplashThe development includes 43 of the company’s modular townhouses

The focus of the master plan is the concept of “social streets”, which prioritize pedestrians over cars. The aim is to create spaces where neighbors can chat and children can play.

“When we think of Suburbia, we think of dead ends and cul-de-sacs, uninhabitable street spaces that are meant for cars and not people,” said Proctor.

“Instead, with House by Urban Splash we are delivering a blueprint for a healthy life with inviting common areas and places where people can meet, as the old settlements would have done.”

Town House Show Home living room at Inholm by House by Urban SplashTwo model homes are open to the public and show customers the customizable layout options that are on offer

In line with Healthy New Towns’ ambitions, homes in Northstowe will be low carbon under construction and operations. For Inholm, House by Urban Splash achieves this with its Town House model, designed by ShedKM.

These modern, modular homes are built off-site in a factory, which allows for a more sustainable construction process and less waste. In addition, they are fully customizable so they can be tailored to the needs of a wide mix of residents, from teenagers to families to seniors.

Town House show house bedroom at Inholm by House by Urban SplashThe houses are being built off-site in a factory, which allows for a more sustainable construction process

The development will form an area of ​​Inholm known as the peninsula. Proctor and Matthews planned the layout of this area around the natural landscape, with green spaces and waterways being an important part of the master plan.

The design emphasizes the creation of circular paths and green corridors with few dead ends. The aim is to make it easier for residents to walk, run and cycle in the neighborhood and to facilitate access to public transport.

“It’s something that helps us implement the environmental agendas that are strong in Cambridge and, of course, a huge part of the House by Urban Splash ethos,” said Proctor.

Urban splashProctor and Matthews have masterfully planned the neighborhood

The peninsula will also include an educational campus and a new water park that will provide a place to relax for residents, create a sanctuary for wetlands and aquatic life, and provide water and flood protection.

Inholm is under construction and the first 27 townhouses are now for sale. Two model houses are open to the public and show customers the various design options.

Please visit the House by Urban Splash website for more information

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