High 5 locations to eat wholesome close to you in Plano

While hot chicken and taco restaurants seem to have popped up everywhere over the last year, many of us still want to be more frugal with these types of treats and find healthier food nearby.

Fortunately, several health-conscious locations have also opened in Collin County. While the list of all the healthy options in the county could go on and on, we’ve decided to break them down by city for you. Here are five of our favorites near you in Plano!

Salad and Go

1400 Coit Road, Plano | salatandgo.com

The buffalo and chicken salad from Salad and Go is spicy, festive and spicy. | Image courtesy of Salad and Go

As the name suggests, Salad and Go has a variety of salads and wraps in one quick drive-through location. Some of their salads include traditional mixes like Caesar and Greek salads, as well as more festive items like bruschetta caprese and buffalo chicken salads. All of their salads and wraps are only $ 5.74, and many of their products are less than 700 calories. Check out our first look at the Salad and Go location on Coit Road.

Original ChopShop

2408 Preston Road # 704C, Plano | originalchopshop.com

Each of the bowls, salads and sandwiches from Original ChopShop can be individually adapted to the nutritional needs of each guest. You can’t go wrong with this place if your looking for nearby healthy food in Plano! | Image courtesy of Original ChopShop

Whether you are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian or ketogenic, Original ChopShop has several items to meet all of your dietary restrictions. With smoothies, juices, customizable bowls and sandwiches, Original ChopShop serves dishes that not only taste good, but also invite you to feel good.


2408 Preston Road # 704A, Plano | bellagreen.com

A look at one of Bellagreen’s healthy, hearty pasta dishes. A classic healthy meal nearby for those in Plano! | Image courtesy Bellagreen

Its sister concept Bellagreen is right next to Original ChopShop. The self-proclaimed “greenest restaurant in Texas” offers healthy pizzas, hearty soups and salads, pasta and more. With sustainable sourcing, low-flow beverage dispensers and alternative power sources, Bellagreen is just as environmentally conscious as one of the top spots for healthy eating in your area.

True food cuisine

7601 Windrose Avenue # 100, Plano | truefoodkitchen.com

Fresh tacos made from seasonal ingredients | Image courtesy True Food Kitchen

At True Food Kitchen, you can always count on filling, health-conscious dishes on a rotating menu to ensure diners are consuming seasonal ingredients. Every True Food recipe is based on the anti-inflammatory food pyramid and the restaurant offers a wide variety of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options; as well as light, hearty plates for our carnivorous friends.


7601 Windrose Avenue # 100, Plano | cava.com

Cava offers customizable bowls, salads and pitas | Image courtesy of Cava

If you’re in the mood for Mediterranean food, but don’t have time for a restaurant with seating, CAVA offers quick, casual Mediterranean-inspired dishes. All dips, spreads and sauces are vegetarian and contain no additives or preservatives. Plus, their bowls, salads, and pitas are easy to customize to suit your diet. This healthy eating option near you will liven up any weekly schedule!

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