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The pandemic has turned into something good! As in, help to those who need it.

On March 31, NY State of Health, the state’s official health plans marketplace, announced increased funding for existing and new consumers who sign up for a health plan through the NY State of Health. NY State of Health began educating consumers about their higher tax credits and how they can be applied to further reduce insurance costs.

American Rescue Plan Can Help You!

This financial support will be implemented as part of the American rescue plan that came into effect on March 11th. How does this work? For example, a person in Kings County who makes $ 55,000 a year and was previously not eligible for tax credits is now getting over $ 230 a month, or $ 2,800 a year, to pay for health insurance.

“We are excited to share this good news with consumers. These new tax credits will significantly lower the cost of health insurance for New Yorkers who shop through the Marketplace, ”said Donna Frescatore, executive director of NY State of Health. “Current consumers of the marketplace should visit and update their tax credit information to claim these new credits. We encourage all New Yorkers in need of coverage to head over to the Marketplace and see what’s available. “

Why should you sign up for a health plan through the NY State of Health?

There are many reasons to get health insurance with the NY State of Health. Most importantly, they make it easy to purchase and sign up for comprehensive, affordable insurance. There are many health plans to choose from. You can get help from a trained assistant. And you may be eligible for free coverage or help with paying for your coverage.

What if I have health insurance but need more financial help?

There are many options for consumers that go beyond health insurance. For example, go to a health center that makes purchases and offers a sliding scale of fees for these services. Finger Lakes Community Health offers just that, tiered fees for patients who are uninsured or underinsured.

When I have health insurance and need dental work …

Finger Lakes Community Health also offers the sliding fee scale for its dental services. Aside from the sliding scale of fees, there are private dental carriers who also offer affordable, off-market dental insurance plans to consumers. FLCH finance attorneys can assist with this application process.

Can’t find a provider with my health insurance company. What now?

The FLCH Community Health Advocate can not only help our patients find providers in the area, but also apply for additional discounts on services outside of our health centers. The FLCH CHA is also able to assist patients who turn 65, or who are currently enrolled or required to enroll in Medicare, and to help them select the best Medicare plan that will meet the patient’s needs.

My medical bills are piling up. What should I do?

The Finance Attorneys and Community Health Advocate at FLCH can guide patients through the financial assistance program, verify eligibility for health insurance, or assist patients in creating affordable payment plans with other providers if needed.

Get some help!

To speak to a financial advisor, call the FLCH administrative office at (315) 531-9102. Our staff will direct you to a financial advisor in your area and help you make an appointment. Or you can find an attorney on our website at

Ruth C. Modaffari is a certified application consultant and program manager for financial attorneys at Finger Lakes Community Health, an independent health organization with eight health centers in the region. FLCH employees write a “Healthy Living” column that appears in the Times on the first Saturday of each month.

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