Gigi Hadid’s favourite exercise and wholesome health routine

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Supermodel Gigi Hadid inspires us again and again with her drive and passion for fashion, beauty, entrepreneurship and fitness. With a demanding career full of travel and catwalk shows, Hadid still manages to stay fit and maintain a healthy routine.

How does she do it? While we might come up with an excuse to skip the gym today, it might be a good idea to take a look at Hadid’s routine to get the motivation to get up and go.

Get fit like Gigi Hadid

No matter what the model is up to, we’re there for it, especially if we can learn more about how she’s maintaining her healthy lifestyle.

1. Boxing is your first choice

Hadid is a regular at Gotham Gym in New York and loves practicing her boxing moves and getting her fitness going with Gotham owner Rob Piela.

With her routine of skipping rope exercises to supplement some cardio, Hadid can never get enough of boxing and even forgets that she is there to work out.

2. It is important to tone your abs

Hadid works with Piela to tone her abs and focuses on core training to tone her abs. The workout includes a warm-up boxing session for 10 minutes, followed by three sets of 40 crunches each.

After your warm-up, it’s 10 minutes of boxing with three sets of 40 bike crunches each, making sure that each leg is stretched out. And finally, she does 10 minutes of boxing, followed by a 60-second plank.

3. She has a challenging lower body workout

Hadid works on her lower body with challenging intervals of boxing and weight training in her routine. Some of their strength training intervals include exercises like squats, donkey kicks, and plié squats.

4. Squeeze in a workout, even while traveling

Hadid is constantly on the move, but traveling and on the move do not interfere in order to maintain her fitness. When in New York, she always manages to get a good workout, even if it means a little extra challenge.

She also keeps in touch with her trainer Piela, who constantly motivates and supports her, no matter what her schedule is.

5. She enjoys a balanced diet

Hadid’s favorite breakfast is usually bacon, scrambled eggs and toast with coffee and orange juice, and when she’s in the mood for a cheat meal, Hadid isn’t afraid to bite into a tasty burger and always has room for ice cream.

Her personal motto, shared with Harper’s Bazaar, says it all: “Eat clean to stay fit, eat a burger to stay healthy.”

Hadid’s fitness and balanced diet get us to hit the gym and enjoy our meals without feeling guilty about indulging in moderation.

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