‘Get It Magnificence 2018’ goals to advertise wholesome magnificence

The new season of Get It Beauty hopes to stand out from previous seasons and appreciate the importance of healthy beauty that comes from within.

The OnStyle beauty talk show “Get It Beauty”, launched in 2006 and gaining popularity through blind testing of make-up products, has become a standard reference for many beauty consumers.

The new season of the show begins on Friday with models Jang Yoon-ju and Moon Ga-bi, Kim Do-yeon from Weki Meki, Lee Soo-hyun from Akdong Musician and Kim Soo-mi, the beauty influencer.

The hosts of Get It Beauty 2018 will pose for photos at a press conference in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, on Tuesday. From left are Kim Do-yeon, Jang Yoon-ju, Moon Ga-bi and Kim Soo-mi. (OnStyle)

“A lot of beauty programs are launched, but they soon go away. Unlike them, ‘Get It Beauty’ is a long-running show. I’ll try to continue the story, ”said Model Jang, the show’s main host, at a press conference Tuesday at Times Square shopping mall in western Seoul.

The talk show aims to do more than just introduce cosmetic products and techniques and provide valuable information through scientific analysis of ingredients.

“I’ve learned that not all expensive products are always good,” said Model Jang. “The show will be influential with meaningful information.”

The beauty talk show defined the word beauty, including the concept of “inner beauty,” broadly as a vague word usually related to a person’s mind and personality.

“Because I wanted to go deeper than just talking about the objects and styles, I’ll share every week what I’m doing for my inner beauty,” Jang said. “Inner beauty is nothing special. It’s a person’s lifestyle. ”

Beauty professionals will also be featured, including a dermatologist, a beauty magazine editor, and two cosmetic ingredients experts who will provide viewers with professional and credible knowledge.

The most symbolic segment of the show, the blind test, is transformed into “Beauty-Life Balance”, in which the hosts select the best item from 100 products and compare the items in numerous aspects. It is noticeable that the segment will be sponsor-free.
Sponsorship has been a sensitive issue for beauty shows in Korea as many have been criticized for recommending sponsored products. Viewers complained that they couldn’t trust the shows.

“There is no sponsorship for the ‘Beauty-Life Balance’ segment.” Producer Yoo Hee-kyung said. But he made it clear that there are other parts of the show that are being sponsored.

“Sponsorship often creates a dilemma for beauty talk shows. In order to make our show trustworthy, we will be clear and open about whether or not a product is sponsored, ”he said.

In response to Monday’s reports that Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore will have a special guest appearance on the show, Jang said, “I’m nervous about speaking English even though there will be an interpreter. Still, it’s exciting. “

The first episode of “Get It Beauty 2018” will air on Friday at 7:50 pm on OnStyle.

From Im Eun-byel ([email protected])

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