Fridge Staples 101: 6 Suggestions for Stocking Your Fridge for a Wholesome Dwelling

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By Linda Williams

For those who want to live long and fruitful lives, it is important to maintain healthy habits and behaviors in order to achieve your goal. In addition to physical activity, a fixed sleep rhythm and the avoidance of inhibiting substances, a nutritious and balanced diet is an essential part of health and well-being. You may not want to trade that second biscuit for a bowl of veggies, but ultimately your body and mind will thank you.

However, the path to a nutritious, wholesome diet requires detailed planning, especially if you are looking for long-term results. One way to make sure you’re always locked up and loaded in the health food department is to stock your refrigerator with nutrient-rich staple foods. So you have your favorite snack ready and can avoid the last-minute rush to the supermarket.

Before you hit the store with your list of essentials, get yourself a refrigerator with enough space for your healthy lifestyle. High quality models like these allow you to customize shelves to maximize space and keep your groceries fresher longer. With an eye to the availability of your refrigerator, read on for five tips for a perfectly stocked refrigerator.

Store fruit and vegetables

While fresh fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of nutrients and spoil quickly if not properly stored. Fortunately, most refrigerators have special drawers that regulate the humidity so your products stay fresh longer. For fast-ripening foods like apples or avocados, set your drawer to a low level of humidity, and for fast-wilting products like lettuce and herbs, increase the humidity as needed.

Keep protein on hand

When stocking the refrigerator for nutritious meals, protein should be paramount. However, keeping protein fresh before you have time to prepare a meal can be a challenge. Fortunately, meat is easy to store in the freezer and can be kept for months. Thawing protein takes time, however, and sometimes it has to be quick and easy, which is why stocking eggs is a must for any health enthusiast.

Eggs go well together with almost every meal, are easy to prepare and have a long shelf life in the refrigerator. Just add a potato, vegetable, or slice of whole wheat bread and you have a hearty, healthy meal.

Dairy products

It is common practice to keep the milk in the refrigerator door and while this is convenient, it may not be the best place for dairy longevity. Instead, try to keep your dairy products near your back in cool, dry spaces to keep cow’s milk, cheese, and butter of the highest quality. Also, check the product’s best before date and look out for unconventional smells or unusual coloring to determine its freshness.

Bring a couple of drink options

When it comes to having a balanced diet, monitoring your water intake is crucial. However, spicing up your drink options can keep the meals interesting and, in some cases, act as a substitute for smaller meals and snacks. Make sure you stock up on meal replacement drinks like smoothies and proteins, shakes, natural juices for a sweet retreat, and a pitcher of fresh citrus water for extra nutrients.

Think about the snacks

When creating your shopping list, it’s easy to focus on your main meals and forget about healthy snacks. While avoiding overly processed treats and sugary sweets would be wise, you can have quick fixes like overnight oats, pre-cut fruits, and cheese spreads on hand to bridge you between meals. Plus, they’re easy to grab on during busy morning or afternoon breaks. Simply place snacks in a container on the front of your refrigerator for easy access.

Wrap up

When it comes to perfecting your weekly refrigerator replenishment, purchasing fresh produce, quick-cooked proteins, and nutritious snacks are essential to getting one healthy eating. Don’t be afraid to change things depending on the foods you tend to most often.

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