four prime health influencers share ideas for a wholesome life

Earl E. Gibson III

Influencer: Carla Kemp, 58, personal assistant – real estate investor

Instagram: @fabnfitbycarla

Location: Los Angeles

After having a daughter in 1984, Kemp was determined to get back to a healthy weight. That motivated her to go to a gym. When she saw the results of regular workouts, she said she never stopped.

Your exercise routine

I choose different fitness components each day that I can focus on without having to train for hours each time. I do cross training – yoga for flexibility; cardiovascular workout for my heart, like a spin class two or three times a week. Then I’ll follow up with abdominal training or stretching. The other three days I focus on strength training, with free weights or machines.

Relying on music for motivation

I hear my music. I love Motown, old school music. I go in with my music in the ears and go with my music; that keeps me motivated and on. When I forget my music I think, “Oh no, what should I do?”

How she confused it

When I’m burned out, I hire a trainer or take on new activities. This included joining a swim team, playing tennis, and training for a marathon. I am just an adventurous person in spirit. I like to try new things. Roller skating is my new hobby. It’s a great workout.

Your best tip for getting started

Establish a daily routine that you can stick to. If you haven’t done anything yet, start with something not too aggressive, like a 10-minute walk, then slowly add. You will find that you are looking forward to it.

You also need to correlate that exercise is like brushing your teeth, just like combing hair – it’s something you have to do. Once you start doing this, you will stop fighting it. it becomes a normal part of what you do.

What she eats all day

Breakfast: I drink a protein shake or fruit with a little yogurt, muesli, nuts or seeds. I try to eat the fruit that is in season.

Lunch: Simply works for me: Salad with vegetables, kale, rocket, vegetables, nuts and maybe some fruit in it. I think a crunch factor is good as it will keep you happy – cucumbers, carrots, radishes, broccoli.

Dinner: I like to eat warm vegetables with salad or rice or couscous, warm cauliflower steak, sweet potatoes.

At night: popcorn, that’s my treat. I drizzle some olive oil over it and sprinkle sea salt over it. I burst it out of the air. I don’t have a microwave.

How spoiled you, just a little

If I’m out with a friend and she eats something I wouldn’t normally eat, like dessert or fried food, I could indulge myself. I just don’t go overboard. I will also have an occasional cocktail.

How age influences your training

I spend more time warming up. I also find that weight training is so important in maintaining muscle tone. I always knew flexibility was important, but now I feel it even more.

I don’t feel the need to train at the intensity I had when I was in my 20s and 30s. Weight training, sweating, and constancy are key now. I take the easier route because I don’t want to cause any injury – not even a minor one. If something made me quit I’d be just a wreck.

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