Engineers advise on wholesome residing

Given the nature of the human body, which is in a state of well-being, the Nigerian Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (NIEEE) has highlighted the need for organizations to maintain healthy living in the workplace.

Guest speaker Tony Akinyemi, speaking at the 2021 Safety and Health Lecture on the recently virtually NIEEE virtually organized World Day for Safety and Health at Work, said: Deficiency, Abuse, Toxicity / Toxemia, Injury, Infection, Sedentary Education and Stress (DATIISS) were the main causes of disease in the human body.
Akinyemi spoke on the subject of “Understanding the causes of disease in humans”.

Akinyemi, a nutritionist and natural health advocate, said to prevent disease, avoid deficiencies, eat a balanced diet, and avoid abusing your body.

The NIEEE Trans-Amadi Chapter Chair said safe working conditions are a basic human right and an integral part of decent work.

Onyia, who spoke on “Electrical Hazard and Safety Awareness,” said the International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates that more than 2.3 million workers worldwide die from work-related accidents and illnesses each year, and that four percent of the world’s population lost its gross domestic product lost due to accidents and poor working conditions.

National Chairman of NIEEE, Kings Adeyemi, said that since 2003 April 28 of each year has been designated as “World Day for Safety and Health at Work”. This is the initiative of the ILO and the United Nations, and “Safety First” is the slogan of electrical engineers. This is the first thing they thought of and have shaped their lives in that order ever since.

Adeyemi said many workers were exposed to many occupational hazards in the performance of their duties and that the COVID-19 pandemic further expanded the scope of the hazards beyond the workplace. He said the NIEEE was delighted to be celebrating this important day with the world as he welcomed everyone to the talk.

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