Eat effectively: Jesse Hill Market offers sufferers and the general public with entry to wholesome meals

Shoppers at Jesse Hill Market. (Courtesy Grady)

Grady Health System’s main downtown campus now includes Jesse Hill Market, a public coffee shop where patients, staff, visitors and community members have access to healthy, affordable food.

Located just outside the main entrance of the Butler Parking Deck, the market is also home to the Food Prescription Program, which allows referral Grady patients to better manage diet-related chronic conditions such as diabetes.

“Our goal is to care for 2,000 patients a year,” said Leslie Marshburn, executive director of Strategy & Population Health at Grady. “After the transfer, they can go down the stairs to the market for their first £ 20 box of produce – a mix of shelf-stable products (brown rice, dried lentils, oats) and fresh produce (potatoes, apples, oranges, pairs , Carrots, lettuce) and pick it up twice a month for up to 12 months. “

Food recipes also include cooking classes and nutritional advice from registered dietitians. Participating patients must see their doctor every three months.

“We will provide you with the tools and skills to maximize the impact on your health,” said Marshburn.

Jesse Hill Market is an example of how different sectors can come together to solve problems. It is the implementation of a concept that was developed in collaboration with the Atlanta Community Food Bank and Open Hand Atlanta. Together, they ran a successful collaborative fundraiser, where individuals, businesses and foundations helped build the market and support the first three years of program operating costs.

“We wanted to turn this space, which was once a fast food restaurant, into a healthy food pharmacy – because we understand the importance of food to health and wellbeing,” said Kyle Waide, president and CEO of the Atlanta Community Food Bank. “The unique thing about this project is the combination of all these elements – café, food pharmacy, connection to public services and nutrition education.”

Prepare food for the market.

The Food Bank sources fresh vegetables, fruits, and healthy starches, grains, and proteins to meet food regulations primarily from Georgia farmers. They also employ on-site benefits outreach screeners to connect patients to benefit programs such as SNAP and Medicare savings accounts.

Open Hand is responsible for the income that public offers generate in the market. With their social enterprise brand Good Measure Meals, 100 percent of the net sales support their mission and the market.

“This is a whole new way to gain access to healthier meals. As a rule, we are a home-made meal service. This is our first brick and mortar, ”said Matt Pieper, executive director of Open Hand Atlanta.

“We prepare take-away meals and snacks on our Midtown campus and deliver them to the market every day – where we sell them to the paying public at an affordable price. There was seldom a day when we weren’t sold out by the end of the day. “

That’s because Grady employees and visitors were quick to embrace the café.

“When I think of eating healthy, I often think, ‘Oh my god, the food is going to taste bad,” said Grady employee Renee Ogoun. “With Good Measure Meals, the food is healthy, the prices are reasonable and that The best thing is that the meals are aromatic. My favorite piece is the lemongrass chicken wrap. I know that it is worth talking to my colleagues or the cashier Robin about anything I buy. “

Jesse Hill Market is open Tuesday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Tuesday through Saturday for patients picking up grocery prescriptions. Cooking classes are currently available for patients and staff. The market follows the CDC COVID-19 protocols.

“This collaboration provides everything from a single source to individuals at all levels of the socio-economic spectrum. And there is promise to be replicated in other community health systems, ”said Pieper.

Inside the market.

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