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The Black Vegan contains cultural staples by serving vegan substitutes made from tofu, mushrooms (portabella) and herbs (konjac).

“Our theme is to please the changing or curious vegans by mimicking the foods they love,” said Sparkle Rucker, the owner of The Black Vegan. “In this way, they can get closer to consuming raw vegetables and vegetables on a daily basis. For a long time there was no such bridge between the vegan and non-vegan communities, and we want to be part of it. ”

A vegan is someone who doesn’t eat animal products, but rather plant and plant-based foods such as fruits, grains, and nuts. When preparing vegan (soul) food, the goal is that it looks and tastes like the original without actually being the original. And as veganism increases, eating has to be a good alternative.

Rucker believes that there is a need for veganism in our communities because of the choices of foods we grow up with. “From experience, we eat what we do mostly out of habit,” she said. “Because there weren’t many places that made veganism attractive to the black community. Even now, family and friends will make fun of my decisions until they try the food or learn about a celebrity like Beyonce who made similar decisions. “

The West Side restaurateur made her place attractive by selling things that others don’t. “We have portabella wings and konjac-based prawns,” she said. “A lot of places have the same type of vegan prawns or tofu wings, but we shy away from them. We also have grill ribs that are always a hit. ”

Adjusting for the consumption of vegetables could be an accomplishment for those who are not used to it because of the different textures and flavors. But that shouldn’t discourage you.

“As someone who despised eating vegetables as a child and even as an adult, I came to the conclusion that maybe I didn’t like vegetables alone, but rather didn’t like the way they were presented to me,” said Rucker . “It is important that we remember that this is a transition that must be made in small steps and with thought.”

Our health journeys are ongoing and are a lifelong commitment. What you put in your body today will definitely affect it in the long run. Step by step is a start.

“I always encourage people to devote a day or weekend to veganism first,” she said. “That way, it’s something to get excited about and switch over more easily as it can be intimidating at times.”

Put the food to the test

I recently decided to devote a day to veganism. Although Black Vegan is currently closed for renovations until the end of the month for food in the building, I was able to stop by with Ubereats to pick up a meal as an option to eat. (Special thanks to Sparkle for opening the kitchen for a day so I can try their food!)

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