Bristol Palin reveals washboard abs, credit wholesome health choice

Teen Mom OG star Bristol Palin has seen a huge change to flaunt on social media. Because of her healthy fitness, Palin settled on about 10 pounds. She recently shared an extremely cool snap on her Instagram and we can’t stop fainting about it. Fans may notice that Palin is the mother of three children – Tripp, 11, Sailor (4) and Atlee (3).

Teen Mom OG: Bristol Palin shows off her chiseled midsection

Bristol Palin took to Instagram to share a video of herself in a pulled up shirt showing off her chiseled midsection. She even wiggled her hips a bit for a fuller and better effect. The mother of three titled the video revealing that she lost about 10 pounds. In addition, she shared the reduction in her alcohol consumption and eating good food helped her get her fitness right. In the IG stories, she mentioned that reducing alcohol consumption worked wonders for her. Fans might notice that this update came a year after Palin left the MTV show. She currently lives in Texas and works as a broker.

Bristol Palin is a successful real estate agent after leaving Teen Mom OG

Bristol won the award for best property producer in its area. She started the real estate business after leaving Teen Mom. Around the time she left the show in 2019, the mother of three shared that she valued her peace of mind above everything else. She revealed how the show stole that from her. It didn’t make good money, nor did it get her right. In her opinion, leaving the show meant moving in the right direction. The news of her recent success symbolizes her hard work and dedication to her business. In addition, Bristol recently partnered with a company to promote “Teami” dummy teas.

Fans love the new look from Palin

The reality star and now a successful realtor has fired her social media with her sexy pictures. Not to mention they attract lots of eyeballs and wonderful comments as well as DMs. One follower noted that Palin should be proud of herself for setting her body on fire! Another fan noted that she shouldn’t be swayed by the fact that she becomes pregnant at a young age. In all honesty, Bristol achieved things despite being young and a mother of three. She definitely has to be proud of herself.

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