Bluffs Bridge Membership Returns to YMCA Wholesome Dwelling Middle | leisure

Since the resumption of sessions, Bluffs Bridge Club has an average of six tables, which equates to 24 players. Flatowicz said that even clubs in Omaha have smaller groups some days.

“We are growing slowly, and yet it is excellent to have six tables,” he said.

Flatowicz is also the co-owner and director of House of Cards in Omaha, Nebraska, and has played bridge for more than 50 years. He has participated in high-level bridge tournaments in the US and internationally.

Bridge is a game of partnership and communication, and Flatowicz described it as a “happy marriage”.

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“It’s an atmosphere where the players can come and have fun and not have to worry about how they score because we have bridge mates,” he said.

Bridgemates is a wireless scoring system for bridge games that look like calculators.

When the games are over, players are given an answer sheet so they can see what they should have done, but sometimes players do better than what’s on the answer sheet, Flatowicz said.

No matter how many years of experience someone has, Flatowicz says that knowledge of bridge is endless.

“Some people have been playing for 30 to 40 years, but they learned it growing up with friends and some have never had formal lessons,” he said.

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