Begoña Gómez requires eating places to turn out to be “educators for wholesome consuming”

Begoña Gomez, Partner of the government president, presented his proposals for Spanish companies in a forum on the topic «World citizenship“Sponsored by the Spanish executive. Thanks to her status as Director of the Chair of Social Transformation at Complutense University, Ms. von Sánchez took part in a round table on “The role of the company in human rights”.

Begoña Sánchez has suggested that companies need to take a step beyond looking for profits. In this context, she has launched several contributions to Spanish companies. He believes that restaurants have to do despite the crisis in which they are suffering an investment and become educational centers for healthy eating.

«I can give a very simple example. A restaurant is a simpler case than an SME. Let’s put a company that offers menus. You can see your experience, your environment, your customers and suppliers and from there you can think that knowing the goals for sustainable development can participate in the ongoing social transformation, ”he commented.

«The restaurant can rely on two points: on the ecological axis because it recycles, uses clean energy, uses ecological products … and in the goal of education: You can teach people to eat well. This is a perspective that is completely changing the restaurant. You can say, “What is your restaurant doing? Give food or generate education? ‘ I teach my clients about healthy eating through local organic products. This phrase is completely different from just giving meals, ”he adds.

“Above the business”

This is how Begoña Gómez brings her idea for the hospitality industry to the market. Despite his troubled accounts for the pandemic, he calls for companies to be encouraged to contribute to the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). “That means, as a restaurant, I am educating myself to eat well and also with organic products. I am opening up a whole ecosystem Relationship: to schools, to educate in Essen, to agricultural producers in my area … and with it I am above business. The story is completely different, ”emphasizes the tenant of the Palacio de La Moncloa.

With this example, Begoña Gómez means that a local «generates a social return with which it differentiates itself and generates a competitive advantage ”. He says he already knows several real examples, including that “they occurred during the pandemic”.

State funding

According to Gómez, it is about “having a vision that is above the product itself”.

As published by OKDIARIO, the wife of the chairman of the board is spokeswoman for Congresses supported by government, where he does not hesitate to offer his lessons to national entrepreneurs.

On the other hand, Begoña Gómez is committed to companies that have elaborated on “Recycled Products”. “It’s not the same thing to say, ‘I’m just a bag designer’ or ‘I design bags with materials made from recycled glass. You open yourself to another ecosystem. You are generating a recycling system that has to do with climate change. Any small business can do it, ”he concludes.

Begoña Gómez during her speech.

The conferences in question are titled International Forum for Global Citizenship. This Monday’s session was opened by one of the sponsors: the Spanish government. In particular, he took the floor, Felix Bolaños, State Secretary for the Presidency of the Spanish Government. A close advisor to Pedro Sánchez, whom Begoña Gómez alluded to in his speeches.

They also took part in the session Maria del Carmen Barranco, Director of the Gregorio Peces-Barba Human Rights Institute, Diana Chávez, Senior Officer of United Nations, José María Torres, Vice-President of the Catalan SME Employers Association, and several business people.

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