Are you planning to go gluten free? Listed here are 5 wholesome meals choices for you

Over the years we’ve seen several fitness enthusiasts follow a gluten-free diet. Let’s start with – what is gluten. It’s a type of protein found in wheat that acts like a glue and helps foods maintain their shape. However, gluten often leads to several health problems – the most common being celiac disease. Those with this problem avoid eating roti, paratha, pizza, and more. In fact, they avoid eating most of the common foods that we eat on a regular basis. Instead, they opt for the gluten-free alternative of the same dish. But if you thought that a gluten-free diet reduced your eating options, then you will be surprised.

We’ve selected some appetizing gluten-free food ingredients that will help you create a delicious meal at home in no time. Look here.

1. Sattviko Sabudana Super Meal

Made from the best ingredients, this tasty pack of Sabudana Super Meal is the ideal option to prepare a gluten-free breakfast in no time at all. It comes in three different flavors – Schezwan, Chili Lemon and Masala Magic. All you have to do is add hot water and enjoy an instant sabudana poha for your meal.

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2. Dr. Schar gluten-free pizza base

Fancy pizza but worried about the wheat-based base? Don’t fret! We’ve got you covered here. We have found that a gluten-free pizza base can be used to make delicious, wheat-free pizza at home.

3. Yogabar dark chocolate oats

Oats are considered a healthy gluten-free option for everyone. So we came up with a packet of oatmeal that, when paired with milk or yogurt, can make a great meal. These oatmeal also contain the goodness of dark chocolate, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and others.

4. Mukhia Delicious khakhra snack

Khakra is usually made from wheat flour, but this gluten-free crispy khakra is made from Urad Dal, making it an ideal, healthy, and quick snack option for you.

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5. Keto Dosa Mix

Aside from being gluten-free, this dosa pack is also ideal for those on a ketogenic diet. It also contains several types of spices such as laung, kasuri methi, heeng, and turmeric that enhance the taste and aroma of the dosa.

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