Anthony Davis says Lakers had items to win the title and is partly responsible for his incapability to remain wholesome information

The Los Angeles Lakers were eliminated by the Phoenix Suns on Thursday, the first time LeBron James ever ricocheted off in the first round. Credit the suns. They had an incredible season and were fantastic on that series, despite the fact that Chris Paul played with a fully functional arm.

Even so, we still don’t know if Phoenix could have beaten a perfectly healthy Lakers team. LeBron wasn’t 100 percent, and most importantly, Anthony Davis couldn’t even finish the series. Davis strained his groin in Game 4 when he only played 19 minutes. He missed Game 5 completely. He tried to try Game 6, but he lasted less than half of the first quarter.

“I just wanted to be there for the team when it comes to victory or home,” Davis told reporters. “Of course, I didn’t want to just lie down and not be able to do what I can. I just wanted to go out and help the team as best I could, and my body didn’t approve. “

Davis’ inability to keep his feet on the ground on this series was a seasonal theme. He only played 50 percent of the Lakers’ regular season games. He missed two months with a strained calf that had crept into Achilles territory. LeBron missed 27 games himself and only played four times in the last seven weeks of the regular season. Dennis Schroder, the only playmaker besides LeBron on whom one could consistently rely, missed the time.

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The Lakers got into the play-in tournament. They narrowly escaped the Warriors in a 7-8 match. They struggled all the way uphill, hobbling together, trying to get back into the rhythm. Things didn’t go well, and Davis realizes that his inability to stay healthy this season (he’s always had this problem) played a huge role in the Lakers’ once promising season that ultimately ended in disappointment.

“Before mine [calf] Injury we were 21-6. We rolled, ”said Davis. “We had the pieces, we just couldn’t stay healthy. I am much of it. When you have a captain who’s off the ground, and then you have another guy [LeBron], two main guys who can’t go along, it’s just tough for a long time. That was really all. I think the team we built this summer we had the right parts. “

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