Amway India values ​​a wholesome way of life. Beginning shot for the attention marketing campaign for well being and hygiene

~ Organizes a series of informative and engaging virtual sessions with nutritionists and health professionals promoting healthier lives ~
Hisar: Amway India, one of the leading FMCG direct sales companies in the country, has consistently promoted healthy living with a clear focus on supporting immunity through diet and has launched the awareness campaign promoting “health and hygiene practices”.

The campaign was launched on Amway’s 23rd anniversary in India and aims to raise awareness of how eating right can help build a healthy lifestyle. The campaign is supported by a series of virtual meetings with panels of doctors and nutritionists. We have held over 1000 sessions across India reaching out to our 5.5 lakh direct sellers / retailers and their customers.

Commenting on the launch, Anshu Budhraja, CEO of Amway India: “Today, health and wellbeing are paramount, and awareness of using nutritional supplements to support general health has also become age-independent. According to a recent survey, 50% of consumers said they were taking more dietary supplements to support their immune system to support overall health in 2020 and the trend will continue for a longer period of time. With Amway’s impressive presence in the vitamins and nutritional supplements market, we are well positioned to meet the changing needs of consumers.

Self-care with nutrition, immunity and hygiene will be our focus again this year. For this reason, on the occasion of our 23rd anniversary in India, we announced the health and hygiene awareness campaign to help people lead better and healthier lives. With this, we work to stay true to our brand’s promise to consumers by offering innovative, quality, world-class products that meet changing consumer needs and lifestyles. We are hosting several digital initiatives to raise awareness of the importance of nutrition and develop hygienic practices for optimal health. “

Gursharan Cheema, Amway India’s Senior Vice President North and South, said of the importance of the campaign: “Given the current health scenario, it is important for each of us to be as safe as possible. Health care and the search for personalized nutritional solutions are an important part of consumer self-sufficiency today. We are grateful to the doctors and other health professionals for joining us in increasing nutritional awareness and steps that can be taken to achieve a healthy lifestyle with an emphasis on healthy and balanced food choices, which provide the body with adequate nutritional value, combined with a dietary supplement. Through these initiatives, we encourage our Amway direct sellers / retailers and their customers to live fitter, healthier and more hygienic lives. “

As part of the campaign, doctors and nutritionists participate in providing relevant information that is relevant for the current time, explaining the growing importance of a balanced life and the role of health care and health supplements. These health professionals shared the importance of a healthy and hygienic lifestyle. Some of these initiatives in the Northern Region include the World Health Day Awareness Conference, the Special Health Festival, an expert session on immunity every day, the celebration of Mother’s Day and the importance of health and hygiene, among others. Our Amway direct sellers / retailers and their customers have come together to learn more about healthy and hygienic living and its short and long term benefits.

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