AFC Totton plans to construct a “wholesome dwelling middle” on its premises

A HAMPSHIRE football club was granted planning permission to build a “healthy residential center” for people at risk of heart attacks.

The center is operated by Wessex Heartbeat of Southampton and will be part of a new 468-seat grandstand on AFC Totton’s grounds on Salisbury Road, Calmore.

Planning permission for the facilities has been granted by the New Forest District Council.

In 2018, AFC Totton and Wessex Heartbeat agreed to work together to raise money for the charity and raise awareness on how to stay healthy.

The new stand will be roughly the same height as the current one, but 60% longer.

A report to the city council said it would have a greater physical presence than the existing structure and would significantly change the character of a “humble and relatively open stadium”.

However, the report cited the benefits of the Center for Healthy Living, which provides exercise and education to people at risk for heart disease.

It says: “The applicants have submitted a supporting statement in which they point out that the proposal goes hand in hand with the existing association.

“The proposal would be used in part by club members and players to aid training and it is therefore believed that there is an inextricable link between existing and proposed facilities.

“The design of the building follows the overall shape of the existing stand, from which it would be separated by a narrow single-storey connecting structure.

“In this respect, the design is entirely appropriate and helps to create a stadium with its own character and not a mishmash of temporary structures.”

The report said the safety and well-being of the people who lived and worked in the district was one of the main goals of the council’s business plan.

The Totton and Eling City Council supported the proposed development.

In a letter to the NFDC, she welcomed AFC Totton’s expansion plans, adding, “It will be good for employment and the local economy if the club makes these upgrades.”

NFDC also received a petition of 37 names requesting the go-ahead for the motion.

As reported in the Daily Echo, AFC Totton has also applied for a building permit to build two one-story extensions to its clubhouse.

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