Acid League debuts a line of purposeful and wholesome residing tonics

Toronto, Ontario – Acid League, a disruptor in culinary foods and beverages, has launched a line of Living Tonics that combine refined tastes and upscale flavors with the gut health benefits of living apple cider vinegar. Each is made with top-notch ingredients that are both functionally and flavorful – such as sea buckthorn berries, chaga, and manuka honey – all of which are touted as natural, holistic remedies by leading wellness experts. Available in three health-promoting, good-natured flavors – Passion Fruit Oolong, Coffee Chaga Maple and Vanilla Manuka Spice – Living Tonics are designed to enhance morning wellness routines.

“People drink apple cider vinegar in the morning as a holistic health tonic and the pantry is bursting with those old-fashioned drinking vinegars that honestly taste terrible,” said Scott Friedmann, co-founder of Acid League. “We saw a way to improve the taste and functionality of a popular morning ritual to overcome major consumer complaints about taste. Not only do they have an exceptional taste, we’ve added a functional ingredient to each variety, knowing that consumers are prioritizing products with additional health and wellness benefits. “

Acid League’s Living Tonics are available in three annoying flavors and are unpasteurized, vegetable, prebiotic, gluten-free and GMO-free. Acid League’s Living Tonics are sold in three-bottle kits, contain 10 shots per bottle, and are available direct to consumers at for $ 49 for a monthly subscription and for $ 59 for a one-time subscription Order available.

  • Passion fruit Oolong Living Tonic | An invigorating dose of bright tropical flavor and vitamin C from passion fruit and sea buckthorn berry juice is tempered by the creamy and herbaceous notes of oolong tea, resulting in drinking vinegar inspired by a morning glass of orange juice.
  • Coffee Chaga Maple Living Tonic | A stimulating vinegar-drinking experience that combines the sweetness and depth of dark roasted cold brew coffee and pure maple syrup with the positive health benefits of chaga mushrooms from forests across Canada.
  • Vanilla Manuka Spice Living Tonic | A new interpretation of the classic apple cider vinegar and honey combination. This calming drinking vinegar combines warmth from spices like Madagascar vanilla and Vietnamese cinnamon with the sweetness and health benefits of Manuka honey to create a far more delicious version of the apple cider vinegar drinking routine.

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About acid league

Acid League is a unique pioneer of acidic foods and beverages, including Living Vinegars, Living Vinaigrettes, Experimental Editions, and Wine Proxies. Founded by a group of diverse personalities – including a food scientist, a serial entrepreneur, and a wine and sake expert – Acid League can ferment virtually anything into vinegar to create a variety of new flavor profiles and product offerings spanning a mix of different categories. With ingredients like coffee, bourbon, melon juice, saffron, chamomile, fresh strawberry juice and kombu, Acid League transforms pantries with unique, flavor-oriented, lively vinegars, limited-edition shrubs, vinaigrettes, jams, sauces, dressings, spices and more. Acid League products are available nationwide at Whole Foods Markets, other select retailers, and online.

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