A wholesome meals cafe opens with a deal with psychological well being

An organic café with a focus on mental health opens in northeast Ohio
The owner of the café wants to inspire customers to feel good
The café opens on Saturday. “For 15 years I have been helping people deal with depression and suicide,” said Ausar.

He has been on a mission serving others in his hometown of Massillon for most of his life. The cafe menu includes all healthy and natural foods.

“I want you to come in here and feel a little better,” Ausar said. “The whole concept of growing into greatness is being better than you were yesterday.” Each menu item has a unique name that forces customers to speak affirmations with every order.

Now he hopes to expand his reach and help more people with his new Greatness Café restaurant. “It started when I was 13,” he says. “I was really just a big brother to my ward in the Boys and Girls Club of Massillon.”

In addition to serving food, Ausar will lend an ear to customers who need to speak. “Everything you order will be an endorsement of how a smoothie is called ‘I’m great,’ ‘I’m wise,’ ‘I’m smart,’ said Ausar. “We know how important it is to say positive things to yourself. Think about it, when was the last time you spoke positively to yourself? Well, if it has not been that long since you walk into the café, we will make sure you do. ”

The grand opening of the Greatness Café is this Saturday. The café is located in the Museum Massillon. “You know, I will always be here. You will always have someone to relate to with the problems you have been through, ”he said. “Whether we’re having a smoothie, a panini, or just walking around the block, whatever it is, just having this opportunity to get in touch with someone who understands what you’ve been through.”

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  • A healthy food cafe opens with a focus on mental health
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