A wholesome life depends upon a nutritious diet given by nature

Nature is rich in healthy fruits and vegetables (Photo by Ja Ma on Unsplash)

Why not have the aha moment?

The ‘Leaky Gut’ concept and Ah receptor inspired me to write about this evergreen topic.

The Ah receptor protein plays a role in regulating immunity, maintaining stem cells, and cell differentiation. We have undoubtedly contributed to the expansion and demand from psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists.

Most diseases in our body start with the intestines. This is due to the leaky gut, as the 60 trillion intraepithelial lymphocytes cannot repair and neutralize the toxins so they don’t get into the bloodstream.


With the modernization and change of lifestyle, diet and fads have become very important in our lives. Fear of illness and death drives us to diet and fitness rather than motivation to stay healthy and get rid of the unhealthy habits of overeating.

I might be a little harsh in my judgment; However, most weight loss diet programs fail due to a lack of consistency in changing the habits that require a great deal of commitment and courage, or even encouragement from loved ones.

Unfortunately, with the modern fast lifestyle, fast food companies have boomed, promoting unhealthy products like burgers and pizza, while other retail stores sell cigarettes, alcohol, and carbonated beverages. Have the fats in the burgers been added to taste or gut?

Any consumption in moderation is always good; However, excessive addiction, smoking, and alcohol consumption are more likely to bring the body to war than diet, making it difficult to get rid of the symptoms that lead to the disease.

Healthy herbs and spices have determined human health for centuries (Pinterest photo)

Herbal and natural remedies

Even if we call ourselves modern, I still believe in the old fashioned herbal and natural remedies with little or no side effects. Did you know that kale, broccoli, and salads (full of vitamins C and K) are natural dopamine and serotonin boosters? Avocados, nuts, cheese, milk, pineapples all help in making these happy brain chemicals too.

“Listen to your body first, then consult an expert. Your body will tell you what to eat and throw away what it doesn’t need. “

I heard the above from a spiritual guru who made me laugh and yet saw the deep truth in what he said. It works in many cases.

The old traditional grandma’s home remedies in my home bring great results with no side effects. Cardamom naturally lifts and boosts your mood and is a good cure for mild depression. Bach flowers have been shown to heal patients with emotional trauma, loss or grief, mood swings, depression, panic attacks, lack of self-confidence and problems with low self-esteem.

Sattvic bhojan

The Ayurvedic concept of Sattvic Bhojan (Quality Meal) focuses on the concept that you become what you eat. Anti-inflammatory spices like turmeric and triphala (Indian gooseberry) in daily cooking help to detoxify and increase intestinal strength, purify it and heal it holistically.

Curcumin in turmeric helps improve memory and has been shown to be a powerful antioxidant in the treatment of patients with Alzheimer’s and cancer. Black pepper increases intestinal absorption many times over. Triphala is a magical drug for smokers, asthma, and skin sufferers. Clove has antimicrobial properties and protects us from cancer.

Obesity and cancer

Obesity and cancer, along with mental illnesses, are the biggest causes of death – a consequence of our modern lifestyle and stress, the status quo competition. For years we have debated whether a vegetarian or non-vegetarian diet works in the long run and gives longevity, health and disease-free bodies.

Research has shown that heart disease can be reversed with simple lifestyle changes and a plant-based vegetarian diet.

A comprehensive study conducted in 2017 on patients with ischemic heart disease showed massive improvements in physical and mental fitness and weight loss within six months, and some patients also gave up medication. Patients were provided with the benefits and knowledge of a plant-based diet.

Energy density

Another study conducted by the University of Alabama Hospitals Clinical Research Unit in Birmingham showed great performance in weight loss by providing patients with low energy density (LED) meals containing large amounts of milk, vegetables, grains, dried beans – Minimum fat consumption was monitored.

The other group ate high energy density (HED) meals with large amounts of fat.

The main difference between this study and other approaches to weight loss was that the patient was informed to focus on diet rather than exercise.

“Do we eat to live or do we live to eat?” is an important question that helps us think about important activities during the day. Food has to become part of your system. Fish is the best choice, the simplest form of life during evolution and the simplest energy code that can be metabolized by the body. Gradually we become what we eat.

The animal qualities of anger and anger are always expressed through the consumption of spicy or non-vegetarian food. The simplest energy code will run the furthest in evolution.

The gift of Ayurveda is priceless, timeless (picture by Benign Evexia)

Some people are well informed and consciously make diet and lifestyle changes. A majority, however, have difficulty breaking habit patterns and tend to turn to sugar, alcohol, food, shopping, and lust addiction – the usual good luck traps

Like homeopathy and naturopathy, it takes a holistic approach to health and wellbeing that depends on a delicate balance between mind, body and spirit. The focus is on the balance of Panchmaha Bhoota (Five Elements) in the body, which is reflected in the external circumstances.

Various tools of breathing work, meditation, promote self-confidence and neuroplasticity, promote digestion and lymphatic drainage. It also helps in transformative cleansing to promote stem cell production and antiaging cellular repair.

Balanced life

Yoga, acupressure, tai chi, qigong, and EFT are some natural alternative forms of healing. Diet along with the above modalities that are consistently practiced can lead us to a healthy, balanced life.

The consumption of trans fats through pastries, cakes and donuts leads to inflammation of the adipose tissue. MSG – found in prepackaged soups, fast food causes inflammation of the liver. Fortunately, its usage has decreased due to mass awareness.

Healthy vegetarian meals protect against diseases and viruses (Fit Gourmet Finds)

The low-fat craze took America and the world by storm.

50,000 years ago, people consumed 100 to 300 grams of fiber per day. Today we hardly use 12 to 15 grams and unfortunately replace it with trans fat.

Chronic exposure to fructose causes metabolic syndrome and leads to type 2 diabetes, obesity, and liver and heart disease.

Covid-19 has turned our lives upside down.

For decades, researchers, scientists, and nutritionists have studied public health from the perspective of diet, mind, body, and mental health. There is no doubt that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. In 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) compiled a list of widely feared diseases that could cause serious outbreaks in the near future.

Despite social and cultural sensitivity, clear violations of the law must be enforced in order to save our species. It is certainly a wake up call for us.

With awareness and lifestyle changes, we can all certainly reduce mental illness.

Pranoti Gupta is an Auckland based teacher. The above article should be read as general information and should not be viewed as specific or individual advice of a social, medical or legal nature. Please seek professional advice if necessary. Pranoti Gupta, Indian Newslink and its management and employees exempt themselves from any liability in this regard.

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