A pupil from Lagos is dedicated to wholesome residing for social progress

Fruitful Ville Montessori School’s Deputy Prefect of Health, Oluwadarasimi Odewunmi, taught students the importance of maintaining healthy habits in order to build a healthy society.

During a career interview, talk to the tag “Children’s Health and Wellness Activities; Role of children in building a healthy society, ”said Odewunmi, saying that it is important that children are educated about health awareness.

The nine-year-old said, “It is important to educate children about health awareness; The moment we emphasize the importance of healthy habits in children, it becomes anchored in their lifestyle as they age.

“I was taught how to clean up the environment, wash my hands regularly, use nasal masks and hand sanitizer, and maintain social distancing, among other things.”

During the event, Ikorodu General Hospital’s medical director and chief executive officer, Dr. Taiwo Hassan, represented by the deputy head of the medical department, Dr. Sunday Luro that children would be of grown-up tomorrow, the journey to a healthy state begins in childhood.

He added: “Health is usually said to be wealth, but prosperity is not about owning cars or buildings, it is about the entirety of your existence, which corresponds to being at peace in all its effects.

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