A looped bike + extra designs for an environmentally pleasant, wholesome way of life!

I’m a team bike through and through! They are the most environmentally friendly means of transport and are also great fun. They cause zero emissions and encourage people to eliminate fossil fuel consumption and automotive pollution. And not to mention that they’re not only healthy for the environment, but also for us! They promote health and ensure that you can get your daily dose of exercise done without going to the gym. To promote and celebrate bikes, we’ve put together a collection of unique and innovative bike designs tailored to meet the diverse needs of all cyclists. There’s a cool bike for everyone!

City bikes are designed to be intuitive for smooth and easy rides. When rolling between traffic and traffic lights, a city bike tour should feel light and nimble. Taking a unique approach to the design of his city bike, Gaëtan Francq created Loop, a compact city bike whose parts were engineered around the looped frame of the bike for a fully enclosed, sleek ride. As eye-catching as the Loops frame may be, the city bike from Gaëtan Francq Studio offers many more advantages. Starting with the Loop handlebar, which is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, the city bike’s simplified GPS is included here to ensure that riders do not get lost in new cities or on unfamiliar roads. Directly under the handlebars of Loop, a storage compartment fills the looped seat tube of the bike, so that riders can take items such as bottles of water or even wine with them for the ride. With Loop, there are no more excuses to show up to the party empty-handed.

Called Prototype 0, this velodrome racing bike, designed for speed minds, shines with its unibody design that focuses on reducing air resistance and aerodynamic optimization for maximum acceleration with minimal effort. The ultra-slim profile of the prototype helps achieve the lowest possible drag, which is great for effortless commuting. The bike is a fixie – a single-speed gearbox tailored for city riding that offers additional degree control. Don’t expect it to be that good for steep climbs or rough terrain as it’s only designed as a racing demon for slippery asphalt surfaces. The presence of a larger gear shaft means that the controls will be the strong point of the ride.

While at first glance you might think of this as a powerful electric bike (anyone would do it) that can be used on any terrain, it’s actually something more subtle. Yes, this is actually a pedal-powered electric bike called “Carbon” made by Moto Parilla, an Italian car designer. The pedal-powered bicycle is designed to traverse impassable terrain with electromotive power if necessary. It offers the security of fat wheels for superior grip. The wheels are perfectly matched to the equally sized oversized disc brakes and hydraulic brakes. The carbon fiber composite and aluminum body gives the bike a very modern appeal for the joy of the new age rider. Not to mention the toughness, agility and durability that the material brings with it for driving.

RE: CYCLE is made from recycled aluminum coffee capsules and comes from Jimmy Östholm, a bicycle entrepreneur. The aluminum in the coffee capsules is melted down and then used by Vélosophy to make the sturdy and rigid bike. It’s a perfect marriage of sustainability and design and an example of recycling that has been upcycled. RE: CYCLE maintains the simple and iconic design philosophy of Vélosophy, a minimalist and elegant bike with clean edges. There are some surprising details, however! The bright purple frame was inspired by Arpeggio (the famous Nespresso coffee), while the bell was shaped to resemble the shape of the popular coffee capsule.


CeramicSpeed’s new drivetrain removes the ubiquitous chain synonymous with two-wheelers for a drivetrain that looks smooth, low-friction, and amazing. A rotating shaft replaces the need for a greasy chain and works spectacularly well, say the CeramicSpeed ​​staff, reducing friction by up to 49%. Where chains normally wrap around gears and pull each tooth individually and cause sliding friction at every point, the chainless drive train “Driven” has only two points of contact, where the pedals are connected to the rotating shaft and where the shaft transmits the rotation to the rear wheel. At these points CeramicSpeed ​​introduces ceramic ball bearings on the shaft, which causes less friction as the bearings press against the teeth of the gears and also rotate, resulting in extremely smooth movement.

City bikes are diverse. Some of them are designed for carrying heavy loads, others for speed. What if cyclists want to use their bikes not only for speed performance but also for logistics? What if they don’t want to be forced to always wear backpacks, even if they just want to carry a raincoat, EDC, or basic grocery items? The AEROCARRIER offers bicycles the additional storage space they deserve. Like most scooters that come with under-seat storage, the AEROCARRIER attaches to the back of any bike seat and gives you 3 liters of completely safe, watertight storage space. With the AEROCARRIER you can transport consumables and emergency items such as safety vests, medical kits or even spare parts such as bicycle tubes or a repair kit in order to transfer the perspective of basic logistics to an otherwise powerful machine. It brings the practicality required for city bikes.

Bixie is the best way to get kids excited about sustainable and healthy living right from the start. It not only promotes movement, but the sustainably built wooden construction promotes environmental friendliness in children from a young age. Bixie is made from local beech wood from the Alps. The wood, refined with natural oils and waxes, is light, robust, weatherproof, but completely biodegradable and 100% non-toxic. The bike frame is designed for children aged 1.5 to 4 years to get them excited about exercise, travel and spending time outdoors. The wooden construction makes it biodegradable and environmentally friendly with the same durability as metal. The bike is equipped with an adjustable seat and does not use plastic or glue.


This stunning roadster bike looks up to the sky and takes inspiration from birds! It’s called the Wing Cycle and its frame deviates from the traditional diamond shape rather than taking the shape of a bird’s wing structure. This includes an intriguing cable wire design that supports the seat. In addition, the rope rope system can be adjusted to change the position of the seat for different riding modes. Covered with a beautiful mix of chrome, leather and wood, the result is skeletal yet slim and completely different from anything else out there.

Just when you thought tubeless bike tires were the best on the road for your bike, the next revolution has come. The technology that NASA is using in its Mars rover and moon missions has now made it into the consumer-facing arena in the form of a METL tire developed by startup Smart Tire Company that has licensed the technology for the bicycle Future. METL airless bicycle tires are made from Shape Memory Alloy Radial (SMART) technology – made from strong (such as titanium), light, yet ultra-elastic material (such as rubber) known as NiTinol +. This magical material, according to the Smart Tire Company, “rearranges its molecular structure when you bend it, but immediately returns perfectly to its original shape.”

A lot has changed for the Noordung, but it still captures its overall spirit from 2 years ago. The frame of the bike is made of carbon fiber and gives the bike an incredibly light weight. In fact, at 20 kg, Noordung is the lightest cruiser e-bike in the world. The updated Noordung offers the Vivax Assist motor for a 250 W Keyde motor (integrated directly in the rear wheel) with 4 supported levels of support and a speed support of 25 km / h. The most iconic piece of the Noordung remains in this updated design. The heart of the Noordung is, if you will, the battery, a visually iconic mass that transforms the bike into an electric bike.

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